Bruce Goldfarb

18 zbrodni w miniaturze

Nieznana historia Frances Glessner Lee i początków współczesnej kryminalistyki
Series: Portrety/Oblicza Pages: 320 Format: 15x23 cm Publication Year: 2023 Premiere date: 2023.04.17 E-book premiere date: 2023.05.22
Book description
A captivating blend of history, women in science, and true crime, 18 Tiny Deaths tells the story of how one woman changed the face of forensics forever.

Frances Glessner Lee, born a socialite to a wealthy and influential Chicago family in the 1870s, was never meant to have a career, let alone one steeped in death and depravity.

Yet she developed a fascination with the investigation of violent crimes, and made it her life's work. Best known for creating the Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death, a series of dollhouses that appear charming―until you notice the macabre little details: an overturned chair, or a blood-spattered comforter. And then, of course, there are the bodies―splayed out on the floor, draped over chairs―clothed in garments that Lee lovingly knit with sewing pins.

18 Tiny Deaths, by official biographer Bruce Goldfarb, delves into Lee's journey from grandmother without a college degree to leading the scientific investigation of unexpected death out of the dark confines of centuries-old techniques and into the light of the modern day.


Bruce Goldfarb is an award-winning writer who specializes in science, medicine, and health care and has written for national and local newspapers, magazines, and web publications. He works as an executive assistant for the chief medical examiner for the state of Maryland, where he maintains Frances Glessner Lee’s Nutshell Studies of Unexplained Death. Bruce lives in Baltimore, Maryland.

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