Mattia Corrente

Ucieczka Anny

Series: Seria z Żurawiem Pages: 240 Format: 13,7 x 20,5 cm Publication Year: 2024 Premiere date: 2024.05.13
Book description
The truth does not always set you free.

Each truth inherently contains violence, each abandonment a wound that will not heal, each choice that makes us happy will end up hurting someone else.

The wife, after a lifetime spent beside her husband one day goes out and just disappears.
One year later he decides to leave everything behind, Stromboli, the island where they lived, all their things, all their habits, he is ready to go find her. Anna, the old Severino and his hope of bringing her back home.
This is how begins a trip down memories lived and left all around Sicily that becomes not only an investigation on his past but also a test of his actions, his choices and a confrontation with long evaded, devastating, merciless truths. It is facing ghosts, men and women that could have been someone else if only traitors or violators did not surround them.

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